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April 2, 2021
Auto Sales Stage Partial Rebound Following A Two-Month Plunge
Robert Hughes

Light-Vehicle Sales Jumped in March

“Light-vehicle sales surged in March, moving to the top of the recent range. The gain was broadbased across most segments.” – Robert Hughes


Robert Bradley

Inside the Church of Climate

“Philosophy, not only economics and political economy, matters in the global warming/climate change debate. Start by checking your premises—and those of your intellectual opponents.” ~ Robert L. Bradley Jr.



Professor Gupta: Lockdowners Should Hang their Heads in Shame

“AIER is pleased to offer the full transcript of this important interview with Professor Sunetra Gupta of Oxford University.” ~ AIER


Robert Hughes

Broad Strength in the Labor Market in March

“Payrolls posted a strong gain in March, showing that economic recovery will likely gain momentum as government restrictions on consumers and businesses are lifted.” – Robert Hughes


Clifford Thies

A Trillion Here, a Trillion There

“In the end, the total of what comes out of the economy is limited by the total of what is produced, no matter that you can borrow or print up unlimited amounts of money. Borrowing and printing up trillions and trillions of dollars isn’t real. It’s a special form of deceit we economists call inflation.” ~ Clifford F. Thies


Joakim Book

Pandemic Policy Has Not Improved Our Lifestyles

“We almost never know the full bundle of what we are giving up. Individual, social, and professional structures are evolving processes, trial-and-error, where we only find out what works over time. ‘The only effective judge of things is time,’ writes Nassim Taleb energetically in his excellent essay on the Lindy Effect – the tendency of things that have been around for long to stay around even longer. There’s wisdom in what works, what’s been time-tested, and what has been around.” ~ Joakim Book


Phillip W. Magness

The Lockdowners Have Their Own Conspiracy Theories

“With Gurdasani stressing that she was keen to avoid future lockdowns – a ‘strawman’ in her own words – as late as October 26th, one begins to wonder how she could have supported the very same ‘strawman’ over a month earlier on September 20th, the date on which the dissenting scientists allegedly wrested control of the UK’s pandemic response. Perhaps the lockdowners’ latest conspiracy theory has another as of yet undisclosed twist to it, this one involving a time machine.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


Robert E. Wright

For Pete’s Sake, There Is a Better Road!

“America’s transportation system could again become a privately-owned and competitive one, both as to mode and route. All we have to lose are our chains, the policies that prevent competition on transportation price and quality alone.” ~ Robert E. Wright


J.P. Koning

Gift Cards: When Good Products Do Bad Things

“For now, Apple is free to keep providing gift cards as before. Which means that scammers will probably not face additional hurdles to coopting gift cards for extortion payments. As for the rest of us, that means we get to keep enjoying a hassle-free gift card experience.” ~ J.P. Koning


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