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James L. Caton

Rising Interest Rates and Inflation

“A 5 to 10 percent jump in inflation expectations could be enough to set off a fiscal crisis for the federal government. And a fiscal crisis could be enough to generate a crisis of confidence in the dollar. There are numerous traps to avoid on the road ahead. Yet, monetary and fiscal policy both continue on expansionary paths with the greatest boldness that we have seen since the chairmanship of Arthur Burns.” ~ James L. Caton


Paul Alexander

We Must Not Be Forced Into Vaccinating Our Children From COVID

“We make this plea and urge those in the medical field to reiterate the need for a thorough examination of the science of efficacy, the potential risks to the children and the evidence that supports the need for such a medical intervention foisted on our children. Failing which, it would seem a violation of the Hippocratic Oath, ‘Above all do no harm.’ We will address the insanity of vaccine passports in a subsequent op-ed.” ~ AIER Contributing Authors


Aleksandra Przegalinska

The Right Not to Get Matched

“We all need and deserve tools that we understand and can control. That is why I think we should be really vocal about it and resist technologies that instead of supporting and collaborating with humans, take over and make decisions on their behalf. Pop culture feeds us these scenarios as inevitable. Let’s write different ones in our real lives.” ~ Aleksandra Przegalinska


Jordan Schachtel

New York Rolls Out Vaccine Passport Program

“New York is just one of several states that is introducing an independent vaccine passport program (Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, to his great credit has ruled it out as a misguided, authoritarian idea). These states are not alone in embracing the social credit score model. Several European Union members (The EU is introducing a ‘Digital Green Certificate’), South American countries, China, and other nations are moving forward on their own vaccine passport systems.” ~ Jordan Schachtel


Joakim Book

An Age of Patronage

“If we widen our scope, large companies have long donated funds to support causes they think are important or channel the values they wish to portray, often entirely detached from their business. A twenty-first century age of patronage is here. Perhaps it will support the foundation for a twenty-first century Enlightenment too.” ~ Joakim Book


Art Carden

The Best Part of Life in the 21st Century? Not Being Dead

“Is the modern world perfect for everyone? Of course it isn’t, but it’s trending in the right direction. The Covid pandemic has been a setback, but it has only delayed the day when everyone has first-world problems like a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. That day is coming, though, and in our world of incremental progress, more of us will be there to see it.” ~ Art Carden


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