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Bruce Yandle

The Devastating Economic Impact of the Coronavirus and Response

This situation is evolving, and each day brings more information about the devastating coronavirus and our economy’s adjustment to it, along with other events that both beset and stimulate us. At this reading, 2020’s economic prospects are bleak. Indeed, we are currently in tough recession territory.


Richard M. Ebeling

What Comes After the Coronavirus, Freedom or Despotism?

What is the underlying premise behind all of these arguments, whether focused on the immediate coronavirus crisis or looking beyond to the world after the crisis is behind us? It is that freedom does not work or does not work as effectively as the critic thinks it should if this health crisis is to be successfully grappled with.


Consumer Confidence
Robert Hughes

COVID-19 Is Hurting Consumer Attitudes

Consumer attitudes deteriorated sharply in March and are likely to show further declines in coming months as layoffs rise and economic activity plunges.


Joakim Book

What Sweden Has Done Right on Coronavirus

The response of Swedish society has been pretty remarkable: do your part. Help your loved ones and your local business owners. Trust those who know what they’re doing. Be mindful of others – and don’t sacrifice economic well-being at the altar of extreme disease control. Work The Problem, people.


John Tamny

Let’s Please Not Insult ‘Stimulus’ By Calling This ‘Stimulus’

It’s not unreasonable to assume that if asked, most who’ve heard of supply-side economics would identify it as the Laffer Curve. The previous curve, named for the great Arthur Laffer, is one of life’s truisms: reduce the tax penalty levied on labor, and the result is usually more labor producing more taxable revenue.


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