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John Tamny

Lockdown Proponents Have Seemingly Forgotten North Sentinel Island In 2018

“Lockdowns furthered the rather backwards notion that our health is improved if we’re separated from one another. Not at all. Isolated people aren’t saved from what threatens their health as much the inevitable infection from the threat is delayed. Worse is what the isolation means over the longer term. The North Sentinelese are a very real reminder of how cruelly bankrupt the run-and-hide strategy is as a broad form of virus mitigation.” ~ John Tamny


consumer sentiment
Robert Hughes

Consumer Confidence Jumps as Outlook Continues to Improve

“Consumer attitudes improved significantly in March, but consumer confidence remains at historically moderate levels, and concerns about consumer-price increases are rising.” – Robert Hughes


Barry Brownstein

How to Be an Anti-Authoritarian

“We can choose to be more open in face-to-face conversations arising organically with friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues. Even in those conversations, the intolerant will ridicule you and blame you for the troubles in the world. Yet your display of genuine curiosity will evoke curiosity in others. Out of your courage to share ideas and with a mutual mindset of curiosity, freedom can be rediscovered.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Richard M. Ebeling

Wars and “Following the Science” are Sure Paths to Tyranny

“History has the habit of playing tricks on us and very often turning out in ways that many if not most of us could not even imagine. That is why, in spite of how things may look, it is never too late. But if history is to tell a story of liberty rather than collectivism for the remainder of this century, then it behooves as many of us as possible to point out to our fellow citizens that the political emperors who say they are ‘just following the science,’ are really not wearing any clothes.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Alan Dowd

Needed: A COVID-19 Lockdown Commission

“America’s independent sector and civil society associations are founded on that very premise—the notion that we can do more in community than in isolation. No segment of American life is better suited to launch and lead a Covid-19 Lockdown Commission—and shine light on this mammoth policy failure—than the independent sector.” ~ Alan W. Dowd


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