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Robert Hughes

Household Net Worth Hits A Record While Debt Service Remains Low

“Despite restrictive government policies and recession, aggregate household net worth rose to a new record, but financial health varies widely across cohorts.” – Robert Hughes


Jeffrey Tucker

Twitter Censors Famed Epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff

“If there ever was a troubling sign of the power and arrogance of big tech, of which I’ve long been a defender, this new action is it. Dr. Kulldorff has been a brave proponent of traditional public health in the midst of an unprecedented and very obviously failed policy of lockdowns. He has been a voice of clarity, reason, calm, and science. That Twitter would choose to use its power over public debate to silence his insights should be of profound concern to everyone concerned about the use of science in the public interest.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


James Bovard

Political Economy vs. Federal Fairy Tales

“Nowadays, the federal government is controlling almost everything except itself. Instead of economic salvation, Biden offers standard D.C. issue ‘no-fault pseudo-benevolence.’ How many more trillion dollars will America waste for another Beltway ‘triumph of hope over experience?'” ~ James Bovard


Richard Salsman

Lots of New Money, But Still-Low Inflation. What Gives?

“Just because a reckless central bank foists tons of fake money on banks, businesses, and households does not mean any of them must spend it. Fiscal-monetary recklessness itself can signal private-sector actors not to part with safe, liquid assets. Eventually, of course, they may choose to flee the money and the debt, bringing higher inflation rates and higher interest rates. Meantime, the prudent observer must never neglect to consult the demand side of money.” ~ Richard M. Salsman


Donald J. Boudreaux

Markets Are More Knowledgeable Than Intellectuals

“Nothing is easier than for intellectuals to express displeasure with the observed manner in which individuals make trade-offs, and then to assert that this manner of making trade-offs implies a market failure. But assertions are not analyses. When analyzed carefully through the lens of economics, the need for producers to adjust to changes in consumer tastes and opportunities is seen to be, not evidence of markets failing, but of markets successfully taking into account as fully as possible the costs and benefits of alternative uses of scarce resources, including labor.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


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