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Robert E. Wright

What Is the Macroeconomic Analog to Coronavirus Panic?

All leaders, not just generals, tend to fight the last “war.” All readers of Hayek know why: they feel compelled to promulgate a response but lack sufficient information to make optimal decisions.


Alexander W. Salter

Sanctuary Cities, Illegal Immigration, and Crime

Sanctuary cities, and by extension immigration, are once again a locus of national controversy. There may be good arguments against sanctuary cities. But we haven’t heard any yet.


Colin Lloyd

Is this the End of Globalization?

Global Supply Chains began to truncate in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008. The global COVID-19 lockdown has accelerated the process. Businesses will reassess the trade-off between efficiency and resilience. Supply chain resilience is not without cost.


Jeffrey Tucker

Coronavirus as Ideology

Even now, many people aren’t reading news or looking at data. They are confirming their biases. Our political culture has fully bled – a tsunami of blood – into one of the most essential tasks of civilization: caring for and curing the sick, and hence drowning rationality, science, and medical professionalism, and doing so at the expense of a billion lives.


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