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Jeffrey Tucker

To Lift Your Spirits, Fill Your Head with Economics

Economics is lovely because it unlocks the great mysteries of the material world: why we thrive, why we experience progress, how we can build prosperity and peace, the path toward making the best out of our limited time in this world, and leave something better for the next generation. Knowing and contemplating these things is indeed a source of immense joy.


José Niño

Clueless Feds Show Why Gun Policy Should Be Local

Instead of virtue signaling to constituents and turning to the federal government to solve every problem under the sun, policymakers should work to find more decentralized solutions.


Nick Zaiac

Driverless Boats Will Transform Life on Sea and Land

Lost in the talk about autonomous cars and trucks are discussions of the of advances in automation on the high seas. In coming years, the world’s first autonomous boats will leave their dry docks.


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