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Thomas Duncan

Drugs, Suicide, and Crime: Empirical Estimates of the Human Toll of the Shutdown

With a current US population of 331 million, there are 3,310 groups of 100,000, meaning there is potential for an additional 28,797 deaths from opioids annually. Plus alcohol abuse, suicide, and crime.


Stephen Miller

What Does the Growing Number of Coronavirus Cases Really Mean?

The infected are likely in the millions, but the rationing of tests prevents us from knowing the true number. In any case, that means the death rate is vastly overstated, and likely even lower than what has been typically reported for the seasonal flu.


Jeffrey Tucker

We Were Wrong: So Sorry that We Ruined Your Life

Andrew Cuomo has admitted some of the error. In a much-welcome change, he has even deregulated medical services. There’s just a hint of humility and humanity embedded in these statements and actions. We need more of that, vastly more.


James L. Caton

Free the Entrepreneurs to Deal with the COVID-19 Crisis

If states and – we can only hope – the federal government remove regulatory barriers that are preventing entrepreneurs from solving problems related to the COVID-19 crisis, perhaps that coming peak will not be a catastrophe and the shock to the economy will quickly become a distant memory.


John Tamny

The Unthinkable Cruelty and Inhumanity of the Coerced Shutdown

While the 350 laid off oyster workers will likely receive very little severance, along with no assurance of future employment, those in the employ of the federal government get paid for all of their time off, health benefits, seniority income gains, you name it


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