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Michigan Consumer Sentiment
Robert Hughes

Consumer Sentiment Fell in March with More Declines Likely

Consumer sentiment fell sharply in March and is likely to show further declines in coming months as layoffs rise and the economy slows.


Veronique de Rugy

For the Love of Cronies

Politicians will be politicians, you may say. But unfortunately, we will have to live with the distortions and the debt for decades to come.


Joakim Book

Brazilians Should Keep Slashing Their Rainforest

Everyone wants to preserve nature – but that nobody wants to do it at the expense of their children going cold or hungry. For quite a lot of the world’s remaining poor, planting trees isn’t their main priority – and shouldn’t be.


Peter C. Earle

No, We Don’t Need A New Reconstruction Finance Corporation

The Reconstruction Finance Corporation was far from the model of a scrupulous, competent and independent government agency that it is alleged to be.


Vincent Geloso

What Herbert Hoover Can Teach Us about the Reaction to the Coronavirus

Just as Hoover’s policies during the Great Depression made things worse especially for the poorest in America, the policy responses we see now will hurt.


William J. Luther

More Sensational Reporting on COVID-19 Estimates

We should certainly take steps to reduce those risks. But we should not sacrifice everything out of fear of losing something. Alas, such sober analysis does not lend itself to the sort of attention-grabbing click pieces that pay the bills for journalists. So we should continue to expect sensational reporting on the global pandemic. Discount what you read, accordingly.


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