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Robert Hughes

Consumer Sentiment Fell in March, Remains at Recessionary Level

“Consumer sentiment fell again in March and is consistent with prior recessions. Consumers are concerned about rising prices, fallout from the war in Ukraine, and long-term economic prospects.” ~ Robert Hughes


Caroline Breashears

A Reader’s Guide to Newspeak 2022

“To master the Newspeak of 2022, you must subsume yourself within the collective. You must reject ‘oldthink’ and the ‘kind of trash’ that advocates individual rights.” ~ Caroline Breashears


Jon Miltimore

Al Gore and the Dangers of Censoring ‘Misinformation’

“A spirit of tolerance is missing today that must be restored. Scientists and public officials will make mistakes—just ask Al Gore—but purging ideas from the public square is a sign of a dogmatic society, not a scientific one.” ~ Jon Miltimore


Donald J. Boudreaux

Do They Not Know?

“Do today’s skeptics of free markets – whether these skeptics be full-on socialists or advocates of ‘mere’ industrial policy – have any accurate knowledge of economic history, of economics, or of human nature?” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


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