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John Tamny

How Lockdowns Devastated the Cruise Industry

“Hopefully readers will also keep in mind how quickly politicians can wreck things, and how quickly their destruction robs people and businesses of dignity. Right now, the formerly soaring cruise industry is once again ‘waiting anxiously for Washington’s go-ahead to sail again.’ Please think about that. And how wrong it is.” ~ John Tamny


Art Carden

The Dramatic Brilliance Of March Madness

“There’s a reason vasectomies spike during March Madness: David going toe-to-toe with Goliath makes for great TV, and improbable runs like George Mason’s Final Four appearance in 2006, Loyola Chicago’s Final Four run in 2018, and Villanova’s ascent from #8 seed to tournament champions in 1985 are called ‘Cinderella stories’ for a reason. People love compelling stories. March Madness offers them in spades.” ~ Art Carden


Gerald P. Dwyer

Signs of Inflation so Far

“The increases in money held by the public are a new experiment to test a widely verified proposition: substantial increases in the quantity of money held by the public are associated with substantial inflation. Inflation is quite likely to be higher in coming years than it has been in the recent past. Whether the increase is muted – an increase of one percentage point per year or so – or noticeably larger remains to be seen.” ~ Gerald P. Dwyer


Robert Hughes

Initial Claims Fall to the Lowest Level of the Pandemic

“Initial claims fell to the lowest level of the pandemic, reflecting the benefits of easing government restrictions and suggesting an improving economic outlook.” – Robert Hughes


Ethan Yang

Entrepreneurship: A Fading Virtue

“It is entrepreneurs who form the foundation and operational unit of Austrian economics but sadly, their importance is slowly fading from mainstream economic analysis. Such a view of economics not only fails to acknowledge a basic tenet of the economy, but opens the door to a perception of society that merely views individuals as numbers and equations to be manipulated at will.” ~ Ethan Yang


Joakim Book

MMT’s Inflation Battle Will End In A Draw

“Maybe this time is different, and perhaps this is the turning point – for MMT or for inflation. More likely, the fears and the ebullient promises will converge in a middle-of-the-way third option similar to what we saw after 2008: Politicians, pundits, economists, and central bankers talk, yet nothing much happens.” ~ Joakim Book


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