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Art Carden

The Anatomy of Government Failure in a Pandemic

It likely cannot be fixed by electing or appointing “better” people or by giving regulatory agencies like the FDA bigger budgets. Their failures are a product of their incentives, not their intentions–and until their incentives change, we can expect to see a recurring pattern of government failure.


Max Gulker

Bitcoin’s Disappointing Performance Shows Why Having a Good Product Is Not Enough

Developers, miners, and other players in the Bitcoin community should not let the next opportunity to make the blockchain-based currency useful pass. Bitcoin can’t be the asset many of its developers want it to be without incentivizing the type of curiosity needed to change deeply held beliefs.


Edward Stringham

Boettke Makes Economics Life-Affirming and Intellectually Adventurous

For centuries, economists have struggled for ways to impart economic lessons to the general public, with the hope of impressing upon people who are not studying formally the need to grasp the logic and meaning of economics.


Raymond C. Niles

Say No to Subsidies

We should just say no to all subsidies, especially at a time like this. The actual harm from coronavirus and the destructive government-ordered business shutdowns cannot be undone by subsidies.


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