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Robert Hughes

New Orders for Durable-Goods Pull Back Slightly in February

“Manufacturers’ new orders for durable goods fell in February but the overall outlook continues to improve with the easing of government lockdowns.” – Robert Hughes


James Bovard

Lockdown Tyranny: A Personal Retrospective

“Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito declared late last year, ‘The pandemic has resulted in previously unimaginable restrictions on individual liberty.’ Unfortunately, unless there is a stark ruling from the Supreme Court, shutdowns could return whenever politicians can panic enough citizens with some new threat. But in the long run, people have more to fear from politicians than from viruses.’ ~ James Bovard


Vincent Geloso

Bigger Can Be Better, When Governments Step Out of The Way!

“If you take a hard glance at instances of big firms being accused of acting like monopolies, you will often find something similar to the Canadian telecoms case. This has an important implication for those who propose remedies to deal with ‘big firms’ (which they take to mean monopoly). Indeed, rather than placing the onus on governments to intervene to regulate these big firms, one is forced to assign blame to governments for protecting some big firms from the threat of competition.” ~ Vincent Geloso


Robert E. Wright

Common Sense

“If we don’t get some common sense again right quick, the sort of revolution that Paine helped make possible with Common Sense might be next. Planned or not, American and global society has moved very far up the risk-reward tradeoff line, where Left, Right, and Classical Liberal think their respective goals are almost within grasp. But we might end up instead with no winners, just chaos, violence, and poverty.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Jordan Schachtel

There Is No Such Thing as a Public Health Expert

“Self-proclaimed public health experts are really nothing more than aspiring autocrats who happen to populate governments and academic departments. Given the lack of actual expertise or competition in those fields, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these same individuals also happen to have atrocious track records when it comes to preventing and treating disease spread.” ~ Jordan Schachtel


Peter C. Earle

The Business Economics of The Office

“Though The Office may offer a somewhat exaggerated account of entrepreneurial alertness, economic calculation, and the vagaries of corporate management, the broader strokes of its characters’ endeavors are informative. Namely, these are concepts that lie in the pages of economics and business textbooks, accompanied by graphs that make the layman’s head turn. Yet, viewed through the lens of Dunder Mifflin’s trials and tribulations, these concepts become accessible––even subconsciously.” ~ Peter C Earle & Amelia Janaskie


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