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Edward Stringham

800 Medical Specialists Caution Against Draconian Measures

If you worry that the coercive measures government is proposing go way too far, you are not alone: many in the mainstream of the medical profession agree with you.


John Tamny

It’s the Poor Who Are Suffering Most

Let’s be very clear about what’s happening: Coronavirus is a rich man’s disease, and the economy-crushing shutdown something created by the relatively rich. The poor? They’ll be the victims of this freakout born of mass affluence.


Robert E. Wright

Government Common Stock Ownership: Cure Worse than Disease

In this age of SWF (sovereign wealth funds, not the flick Single White Female, which is almost thirty already!), it may seem odd to question the right of a government to own corporate common shares directly (e.g., by the Treasury), or indirectly through the Federal Reserve or other government-sponsored organizations.


J.P. Koning

Commercial Habits and Pandemics

Historian William Hutton recounts how country-folk were often too afraid to enter villages filled with potentially sick customers. Instead, they would bring their merchandise to the plague stone, usually set up on the outskirts of a town.


Jeffrey Tucker

The Best-laid Plans Often Go Astray, Even for Macroprudential Regulators

The problem with this comment is its failure to be the least bit realistic. It ignores a basic fact: whatever plans regulators have in place for a financial crisis or for a pandemic causing financial distress or some other event causing financial distress–any plan, that is–will be wrong in important ways.


Raymond C. Niles

Governor Cuomo Endorses Price Gouging; Sign the Petition

It is a back-handed “endorsement” of market principles from the governor of New York, but we will take it.


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