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Robert Hughes

New Single-Family Home Sales Fell in February as Prices Show Signs of Plateauing

“New-home sales fell again in February and prices may be plateauing, though at a high level. Elevated prices and rising mortgage rates may further weaken demand, and combined with significant inventory, continue to weigh on prices.” ~ Robert Hughes


David Waugh

Not Every “Crypto” Is Decentralized: Proof-of-Work vs Proof-of-Stake

“Policymakers seeking to ban Proof-of-Work, or thinking it can be easily replaced by Proof-of-Stake would do well to keep the inherent and important tradeoffs between the two consensus mechanisms in mind.” ~ David Waugh


James Hanley

Why President Biden’s Climate Goals Are Fictional

“President Biden’s climate goals have something in common with many science fiction movies. The future that seems so far away is in reality too temporally close to make the story plausible.” ~ James E. Hanley


Daniel Sutter

Lessons from the Pandemic on Deregulation

“Pandemic deregulation’s most enduring benefit may prove to be exposing bogus rationales for rules benefitting one group of businesses over another at the expense or inconvenience of consumers.” ~ Daniel Sutter


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