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Gerald P. Dwyer

Government Debt and Inflation: Reality Intrudes

“Sooner or later, absent substantially lowering government spending or raising taxes, interest payments will overwhelm the government’s budget. The situation might even be termed a sovereign debt crisis.” ~ Gerald P. Dwyer


Richard Vedder

This Is What a Good University President Looks Like

“To me, the top award for American higher education innovation must go to Mitch Daniels, who is just beginning his tenth year as the president of Purdue University.” ~ Richard K. Vedder


Garion Frankel

The Other Great Debate

“Nowadays it is difficult to pick a ‘side’ between Paine and Adams. Whichever man one’s political persuasions may favor, the country is undoubtedly a heterodox agglomeration of their ideas.” ~ Garion Frankel


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