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William J. Luther

Cash and the Zero Lower Bound

This is the fourth (and, perhaps, final) post on Ken Rogoff’s The Curse of Cash. As summarized in an earlier post, Rogoff argues that the benefits of banning cash (e.g., preventing crime, enabling effective monetary policy) exceed the costs (e.g., a reduction in financial privacy). He does not attempt to estimate the benefits and costs […]


Max Gulker

Inflation as Mud in the Economic Water

AIER has a long history of warning against the dangers of inflation (see, for instance, founder E.C. Harwood’s 1976 book, “The Money Mirage: Luring Businessmen, Savers, and Investors to their Economic Deaths”). Most observers of the economy are likely familiar with the most well-known of these critiques, such as the transfer of wealth from savers […]


Robert Hughes

Existing Home Sales Fall Slightly but Remain at a High Level

Existing-home sales fell 3.7 percent in February but were still 5.4 percent above year-ago levels. Sales for February came in at a seasonally-adjusted annual rate of 5.48 million, down from 5.69 million in January. The February pace is well above the post-recession low of 3.45 million in 2010, but well below the housing-bubble peak of […]


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