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Antony Davies

The Right of Exit Is What Keeps Society Prosperous and Peaceful

“If we’re willing to trust something as supremely important as our language to cooperation, how much more should we be willing to trust to cooperation our education, health care, wages, and the many other things we think are so important as to require coercion?” ~ Antony Davies



Edward Stringham on Biden’s Proposed Tax Hikes (Video)

AIER President Edward Stringham joins Fox Business Kennedy to discuss the repercussions of the president’s intentions to raise taxes.


Art Carden

Lose a Ton of Money Fast With “Hot Stock Tips”

“It warms my heart when a student or alum tells me they’ve opened a Roth IRA or when I can advise a high schooler who has been saving up so he can buy a share of Amazon stock to put the money in a mutual fund instead. Managing your money wisely isn’t especially glamorous, but it certainly beats risking it all and ending up with nothing.” ~ Art Carden


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