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Richard Salsman

Incarceration, Monetization, and Nationalization Can’t Preserve Our Health or Wealth

Perhaps the main difference between the mild reaction to the more lethal H1NI virus in 2010 and the hyped, heated reaction to the Wuhan China virus in 2020 is the difference between President Obama, who was adored by most of the media, and President Trump, who, we know, is reviled by most of it.


John Tamny

Counterfactual: What If Government Had Not Intervened?

Had governments done nothing in response to the Coronavirus, individuals and businesses would have done much more, and done so without going out of business. The Ruling Class overseeing this crack-up deserves the mother of all comeuppances that goes well beyond losing in the next election cycle.


Columbia-NYT Model population-US
Robert E. Wright

The Columbia-NYT Model Can’t Be Right

Most of the disease-forecasting models hitting the headlines these days are based on applying dubious exponentials on vast numbers of unknowns, while the public-relations spin weaves the appearance of certainty that is unsustainable given existing knowns.


Allen Mendenhall

Alcohol to the Rescue!

People are, sadly, suffering and dying because of coronavirus, the harms from which are planetary in scale. We should remember, all of us, amid hardships and confusion, isolation and loss, disruption and sorrow, to appreciate the small, entrepreneurial miracles that have widespread and salubrious effects—like turning vodka into pocket-sized, germ-killing gel!


Bruce Yandle

The Coronavirus Recession: What Can the China Experience Tell Us?

The U.S. coronavirus contagion began in February, is accelerating in mid-March, and is just now being confronted with major city, state, and industry closings. If we experience a 10-week long economic disturbance like China’s, then we will see sharply negative GDP growth effects for part of February, all of March, part of April and maybe longer.


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