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Paul Alexander

Why are We Vaccinating Children against Covid-19?

“Vaccinating our children with a possibly harmful (untested) vaccine to them and with no basis given their risk profile, must be pushed back upon hard by parents. Parents are the voices of their children now on vaccinating their children and on the other looming disaster, Covid-19 ‘vaccine passports,’ that are as illogical and dangerous as vaccines for children under 12! Americans must stand up now to this! ” ~ AIER Contributing Authors


Christopher Barnard

No, The Pandemic Didn’t Heal Nature

“We cannot protect our environment and tackle issues such as climate change by locking down entire economies and causing untold human suffering. In fact, the available evidence shows that nature suffered as a result of the virus and government-imposed lockdowns. As we recover mentally and economically from both the pandemic and statist overreach, we must learn from these lessons.” ~ Christopher Barnard


Ethan Yang

The 2020 Recession: Blame Lockdowns, Not the Virus

“Lockdowns have caused an unprecedented level of economic damage that has far exceeded any event in modern history be it another pandemic or a financial crisis. That is because unlike any other challenge in history, governments across the world forcefully stopped society from reacting and recovering. It should be uncontroversial and frankly, intellectually honest, to say that it was lockdowns that caused the misery that we were forced to endure, not Covid-19.” ~ Ethan Yang & Jack Nicastro


Jeffrey Tucker

Never lockdowns, Never again: Introduction to the Portuguese/Brazilian Edition of Liberty or Lockdown

“2020 became the year of the great experiment. Suddenly, “nonpharmaceutical interventions” would replace our laws, our settled traditions of liberty, and love of peace and prosperity, and even the ideals of the Enlightenment itself. We put fear above rationality, division above community, power above rights, wild experiments above settled science, and the intellectual pretensions of a tiny ruling class above the interests of the social order.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


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