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Veronique de Rugy

Beware of Panic Policymaking

Precisely because we are now more willing to let our guard down we must keep a vigilant eye on all these politicians who are now hyperactively working to “protect” us.



Vital Information that Is Falling Through the Cracks

Too often in a crisis, level-headed voices are drowned out by demagogues, shouting, and fear. Below you will find interesting and credible information that should inform the policy response.


Max Gulker

Medical-Supply Nationalism Is Deeply Harmful, Even Deadly

When there is a shortage of medical supplies, going out of our way to make them more expensive will hurt people. These are also not perishable goods – stockpiling them from efficient sources to be deployed in a future crisis seems like a safer bet than shiny new idle factories waiting to ramp up production when the next virus hits.


Phillip W. Magness

The 1% Pay 37% of Federal Income Taxes

The IRS has released new tax data that demonstrate how much we’ve been fooled by claims that the rich aren’t paying their fair share. Those claims are based on statistical errors and incomplete data. Now that we have the complete data, we gain more perspective. We’ve written a piece in the Wall Street Journal that […]


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