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Robert E. Wright

Revolution Is in the Air

Compounding one mistake – allowing mission creep to divert resources away from the government’s presumed public health mandate – with another (unduly restricting civil liberties in a desperate attempt to make up for the first failure) is a recipe for revolution.


Initial claims
Robert Hughes

Initial Claims Jump and Manufacturing New Orders Fall

Initial claims jumped and manufacturing new orders fell in the latest reports as the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak on economic activity spread.


Allen Mendenhall

What Coronavirus Teaches Us About Human Connection

Even in self-imposed isolation, the keen intellects at AIER have managed to reach people across the globe, providing unique perspectives and key economic insights to those who most want and need it. A communicable virus has nothing on communicable ideas.


John Tamny

The Difference Between a Recession and a Crack-Up

There was never in 2020 an economic crisis born of a spreading virus; rather a spreading virus proved oxygen for politicians on all levels on the way to them forcing contraction on an economy that, if large and growing larger, would be most capable of slaying the virus.


Stephen Miller

The US Coronavirus Death Rate Is Falling, and Germany’s More So

Why would the U.S. death rate fall so much over just a few days? The answer is that as more people are tested for the virus, the death rate falls because it becomes more accurate.


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