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Robert Hughes

Existing Home Sales Fell in February but Supply Remains Extremely Tight

“Existing-home sales fell in February, but supply remains very tight. Shifting housing preferences, elevated prices, and rising mortgage rates are likely to impact demand over the coming months and quarters.” ~ Robert Hughes


Robert E. Wright

Americans Need a COLA, not a Coke

“With inflation now high and trending higher, with no end in sight, American workers, and their employers, need to bring COLAs back, arguably out of fairness to workers but really out of efficiency.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Timothy Nash

What Should Be Done to Fight Inflation? A U.S. Lawmaker Interviews Two Michigan Economists

“The conversation centered around recent comments by US Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Jerome Powell, and how the Federal Reserve intends to bring our 40-year high inflation rate down to levels prior to 2021.” ~ Dr. Timothy G. Nash


William J. Luther

FOMC Projects Higher Inflation

“Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s November statement killed the idea that inflation would be transitory. The most recent projections from the FOMC show how deeply that idea has been buried.” ~ William J. Luther & Morgan Timmann


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