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Ethan Yang

Debts, Deficits, and the Entitlement Crisis

“The US government’s debt is soaring like never before and promises to only bring economic stagnation if not outright disaster. Looking past Covid-19, we should strive to implement bold reforms to our costly but important entitlement programs to truly deliver on fiscal stability. These reforms may not be popular or easy but there is no doubt that they will be necessary.” ~ Ethan Yang


Robert Hughes

Housing Starts and Permits Fall in February

“Home construction activity fell in February though weather may have been a factor. While fundamentals remain strong for the housing market, headwinds are growing.” – Robert Hughes


John Tamny

Contra Nicholas Kristof, Presidential Ink Will Never ‘Scrub’ Away Poverty

“It cannot be stressed enough that if poverty were about money, then it would have been wholly erased long ago given the trillions spent on its mitigation. Admirable as Kristof’s idealism is, it’s just that. Nothing more. The perfect world he envisions cannot and will not be created by the stroke of a pen.” ~ John Tamny


James Bovard

Biden’s “Burn-Rate” Rescue Act

“The Supreme Court warned in 1971, ‘The history of government grants of a continuing cash subsidy indicates that such programs have almost always been accompanied by varying measures of control and surveillance.’ The only certainty is that the ultimate bill for the ongoing deluge of federal benefits will be far higher in taxes and lost prosperity than politicians admit. Will Americans recognize the MAAWS peril to their own rights and liberties?” ~ James Bovard


Micha Gartz

More “Covid Suicides” than Covid Deaths in Kids

“Society needs to remember that the stolen Covid generation will one day run the country. Teachers resisting returning to class should recognize that this generation currently locked-in to bedroom Zoom classes will one day care for us in our old age. And politicians should remember that this generation whose rights have so blatantly been violated will soon be able to vote.” ~ Micha Gartz


Gregory van Kipnis

Inflation Outlook: Likely Worse Than Expected

“The Fed has painted itself into a box, because if inflation/velocity does heat up beyond what the Fed or markets can tolerate, given that they have been comfortable with somewhat higher long-term rates, the Fed’s only weapon to slow inflation down would be to slow down the economy. Its strongest weapon would be to threaten to push up the short-term rate and invert the yield curve.” ~ Gregory van Kipnis


Robert E. Wright

A Short History of America’s Foes

“Americans can reunite culturally by exulting their anti-Removal, anti-slavery, and pro-Civil Rights history and rejecting the too-often-untoward policies and actions of its governments and specific individuals, as suggested by the Woodson Center’s 1776 Project. And prosperity will return with economic freedom, especially the termination and disavowal of lockdowns and politicized economic planning more generally.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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