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NY Fed Manufacturing
Robert Hughes

New York Fed Manufacturing Survey Plunges in March

New York Fed Survey shows a sharp drop in business conditions for local manufacturers, likely a result of COVID-19.


Phillip W. Magness

The 1619 Project: An Epitaph

It took six months of heated debate to reach this point, but the New York Times’ 1619 Project has finally offered a small but crucial concession to its critics. On March 11, the paper published an “update” to indicate that it would be changing a disputed line of text in the lead essay by Nikole Hannah-Jones.


Robert E. Wright

The Parasites Exacerbating COVID-19

The so-far easy acceptance of the government’s medieval reaction to the spread of a not very lethal virus to a vanishingly small percentage of the population suggests that universities are not helping Americans to overcome the many behavioral biases they inherited from their cavemen ancestors.


Richard M. Ebeling

To Kill Markets Is the Worst Possible Plan

This whole ghastly episode could become another teaching moment in misguided and damaging government policies that markets, once again, successfully endured and survived.


Donald J. Boudreaux

The Top Economic Takeaway of the Coronavirus Panic

Ultimately, our wealth consists chiefly in the ongoing willingness and ability of millions of strangers to work for us daily. Any obstacle to large numbers of people performing their daily jobs means hardship for us all.


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