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Theodore Cangero

President Trump Proposes an Increase in Defense Spending

President Trump released a Budget Blueprint for 2018 on Thursday. The budget proposes a large increase in defense spending paid for by broad cuts to other federal government agencies. Compared to 2017, President Trump’s 2018 Budget Blueprint calls for a $52 billion increase in the Department of Defense budget. That amounts to a 10 percent […]


Robert Hughes

Labor Market and Manufacturing Data Show Strength While Housing Lags

The labor market is gaining strength. The number of open jobs across the economy increased to 5.63 million in January, the ninth highest level on record. The private sector is even more robust with 5.17 million job openings, the fifth highest level on record. Growing confidence in the economy and in the labor market has […]


Patrick Coate

The Cost of a Bitcoin

How much does it cost to make a bitcoin?


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