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Jeffrey Tucker

The Gradual Return of Good Sense

“The lockdowners committed themselves to something previously unthinkable. To admit error at this point is too intellectually and psychologically upsetting. Regardless, we can be confident that as the years roll on, there will be a growing consensus that, as Jay Bhattacharya has said, lockdowns are the worst policy error of our lifetimes and many generations.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker



Non-COVID Death Epidemic of the Future

“There will be a rash of deaths that could have been prevented in the recent past and more so in the coming future, from not-screening, not diagnosing and not being able to care for. We might all rue the day when the public health policy experts did not consider the ramifications of their singular tunnel-vision focus.” ~ Parvez Dara, MD, FACP, MBA


Joakim Book

Bitcoin Bros Rediscovering Our Monetary Past

“For all the revolutionary creed that surrounds the emerging monetary commodity that is bitcoin, it seems that its future more and more resembles the past it tried to escape. Happy times for us monetary nerds.” ~ Joakim Book


Edward Stringham

The One-Year Anniversary of Lockdowns

“The trauma of 2020 will be felt decades hence. The healing will only come from honesty and truth, and a thorough rejection of the folly, duplicity, and deception that has defined our era.” ~ Edward Stringham


Richard M. Ebeling

Welcome to Word Tyranny and Cultural Balkanization

“Before this new era of postmodern identity politics, that is; in the prior ‘modern’ Age of Enlightenment, when human beings foolishly believed in reason, evidence, and individual liberty, all of what is being insisted upon now used to be known as tyranny and criticized as dictatorship. How very silly of many of us to presume that each of us was a unique and distinct ‘I’ separate from an imposed ‘We.’ Well, we all live and learn.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


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