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Jeffrey Tucker

Celebrate the Heroes Who Stay Open

I smiled and said thank you to every employee stocking shelves, running the cash registers, mailing my packages, taking my dry cleaning, and selling me bleach wipes. Blessed are those who eschew the crazy demand to “shut down everything” and instead continue to serve the people.


Edward Stringham

Stringham on Economic and Financial Stress (video)

I’m pleased to be facing a high demand right now to get on the media and make comments on the continuing market turmoil. Here is a recent appearance on Fox.


John Tamny

Government Has Only Added to Insecurity and Fear

Coronavirus was in the news for weeks without any market correction, only for global politicians to begin inserting themselves into the process. Cascading markets ensued. Well, of course.


Joakim Book

The Insoluble Perils of Prediction

Statistically, there are usually only a handful of ways that a prediction can come true – but a myriad, even infinite, ways that it can go wrong. We should almost never expect a particular prediction to hold true.


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