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Robert Hughes

Single-Family Home Sales Fell in January

New single-family home sales fell 6.9 percent in January. Slowing sales and rising inventory are weighing on new construction, suggesting new-home construction is unlikely to contribute significantly to economic growth in coming quarters.


Max Gulker

The Trade War: A One-Year Assessment (Executive Summary)

Anyone who maintains that a $75 billion income tax cut helps the economy must also agree that a tariff hike of $45 billion or more must harm the economy. This study looks back on the unprecedented developments in international trade that happened in 2018.


Chloe Anagnos

Millennials Are a Trillion Dollars in Debt. Why Are They So Broke?

Young people were never as deep in debt as they are now, a new New York Federal Reserve report claims. And while there are plenty of factors that led to the current crisis, there are some underlying economic problems that have made this situation worse.


Richard M. Ebeling

Political Contests Are Between Competing Socialisms

The classical liberal must remake the moral case for individual liberty and the individual rights without which freedom cannot last in the long run – and remake the case for why the paternalism of socialism and the welfare state leaves us less human than we can or should want to be.


Michael Munger

Is Capitalism Worth Saving?

A clear-eyed comparison of the alternatives actually available to us reveal why all the world’s developed nations use some version of capitalism. The only people who advocate socialism are those who don’t know how it actually works.


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