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Samuel Gregg

Industrial Policy? Try Competition and Entrepreneurship Instead

“The entrepreneurship-plus-competition path to a broader-based American economy in a post-Covid world requires humility about what governments can reasonably do if the goal is to promote diversification of the U.S. economy.” ~ Samuel Gregg


Robert Hughes

Consumer Sentiment Fell Again in Early March

“Consumer sentiment fell again in early March and is consistent with prior recessions. Consumers are concerned about fallout from the war in Ukraine, rising prices, government policies, and long-term economic prospects.” ~ Robert Hughes


Nicolas Cachanosky

Do Greedy Countries Have Higher Inflation?

“Blaming big corporations for inflation no doubt serves the political interests of Sens. Warren and Sanders. But it is inconsistent with the available data. That is not surprising: It is inconsistent with standard monetary economics as well.” ~ Nicolás Cachanosky


Connor Tomlinson

Solving the Post-Pandemic Plastic Pollution Problem

“Research initiatives must begin investigating and investing in treating our oceans and landscapes for the masks and tests polluting them, like they are viruses themselves.” ~ Connor Tomlinson


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