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Robert Hughes

Retail Sales Growth Picked Up in January After a Sharp Fall in December

Retail sales growth bounced back in January, but economic data continue to be mixed, suggesting a heightened degree of caution for the economic outlook.



Phillip W. Magness

That Fake Poll on the Green New Deal

Given the way that they skewed their poll results toward the GND with biased and loaded questioning, it’s reasonable to ask whether their research output crossed the ethical line separating scholarship from politically motivated advocacy.


Max Gulker

Break Up Government, Not Tech Companies

Elizabeth Warren knows the real problem is that watching and controlling people’s lives is a natural monopoly, and should be the exclusive realm of government.


Donald J. Boudreaux

If We Put a Man on the Moon, We Can Surely…

We can admire the engineering prowess that enabled NASA to land men on the moon and return them safely to earth. But even if politicians (contrary to fact) were apolitical stewards of the public welfare, governing society is not an engineering task. It follows that NASA’s remarkable achievement emphatically does not imply that we should look to government to solve our problems.


J.P. Koning

The Rise of Cashless Banks (And What To Do About It)

Bankers have been steadily introducing cashless banks over the last few years in response to falling customer demand for cash. With fewer people wanting to withdraw or deposit cash, the cost of offering these services gets harder to justify to shareholders.


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