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Jeffrey Tucker

The Free Market Provides What We Need to Survive a Pandemic

It is human liberty operating within a market framework that saves us in times like this. In a disease panic, we are learning, people lose their minds and stop thinking clearly about things that matter. They also reach out to authority to save them.


Robert Hughes

Small-Business Optimism Remained High in February but COVID-19 Increases Uncertainty

Small-business confidence remained robust in February; labor-market issues are the top concern.


Richard M. Ebeling

Tradition and Why the Russians are Who They Are

As much as we as individuals and groups of people may try to and think we have untied ourselves from the ideas, customs and traditions of the past, to think anew and independently of what has preceded us, we can never completely uncouple ourselves from the cultural inheritance.


John Tamny

The Heroic Contribution of Michael Milken

There are no companies, no jobs, and there is no progress without investment, and Milken would vastly improve the world around him through skillful development of the companies not recognized by traditional banks and investment banks, but that would be greatly enhanced through bespoke finance.


Peter C. Earle

Don’t Sweat the Crash in Oil Prices

It’s the result of a much-overdue price war among producers from which the consuming public will benefit. Amid the waves of bad economic news, this is actually good news.


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