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Jeffrey Tucker

The Entrenchment of Lockdown Denialism

“We cannot speak honestly about the astronomical costs of lockdowns until our mainstream media outlets at least begin to speak the word. They need to acknowledge the existence of the most devastating policy decision in many lifetimes, a use of government power we never imagined possible and one with catastrophic effects.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


John Tamny

Can the U.S. Economy Grow Without Immigration?

“While immigration isn’t necessary for U.S. growth so long as the American people are free to exchange with the rest of the world, the rest of the world’s inhabitants would likely be more productive if they worked in the U.S. In short, prosperity made great by work divided globally would be quite a bit greater if more of the work was divided up by those people in the United States. That’s really something to think about.” ~ John Tamny


Robert Hughes

“Foot traffic” Recession Continues to Weigh on Small Business Sentiment

“Small-business confidence remained weak in February, with direct-contact industries still suffering under government restrictions.” – Robert Hughes


Peter C. Earle

The Back Door to Universal Basic Income

“Low and falling barriers for lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and other government-mandated nonpharmaceutical interventions are acting as a back door for the silent implementation of UBI & MMT schemes.” ~ Peter C. Earle & Kristoffer J. M. Hansen


Thomas Harrington

The Rights of the Naturally Immune

“The civil authorities have decided, in effect, that fully indemnified pharmaceutical companies have the de facto ‘right’ to force me to take an experimental vaccine that, in the very, very best of circumstances, will only match what my apparently well-functioning body has already given me without any side effects. And this, while straight out telling me that even if I submit to their government-coerced medical experiment I will probably still not get my full constitutional rights back. This is an important issue that needs to be addressed.” ~ Thomas Harrington


Joakim Book

To Decline or Not Decline: Western Civilization’s Endless Nemesis

“Judging by the many failed prophets of the past, neither are we this time doomed, from climate change or corporate takeovers or from cultural values and demographics deteriorating. That’s an explosively optimistic notion in a world otherwise flirting with madness.” ~ Joakim Book


Paul Alexander

The Brutal Attack on Scientific Dissent

“We have not seen the real impact of this pandemic yet, but it is to come and it will be far-reaching for years and decades to come and it is the reason why pandemic experts (Henderson and Inglesby etc.) have never advocated for such draconian lockdown steps in the face of a pandemic. They understood what the catastrophic result would be. We must never forget this and we desperately need alternative voices now to get us out of this catastrophic mess our governments, their expert advisors and media medical advisors seem incapable of doing.” ~ Paul E. Alexander


Steve Dewey

Covid-19 Lockdowns Violate the US Constitution

“The heavy-handed use of government executive emergency orders issued over the course of the prior 12 months should give all Americans cause for concern about the protection of our personal liberties and constitutional rights. Americans need to be better informed about not only the economic consequences of government public health lockdowns, but also about the recent and unprecedented infringement on our personal liberties as decreed in the US Constitution.” ~ Steve Dewey


Richard M. Ebeling

Lin Yutang, a Classical Liberal Voice for a Free China

“If the Chinese people were allowed to freely read and discuss and act upon the ideas of a liberal individualist such as Lin Yutang, they might think twice if the road they are being led down by Xi Jinping and the Communist Party is the one best for them as unique and distinct human beings. And, who knows, they might even follow Lin Yutang’s advice of supplying more prisons to house their power-lusting and plundering and paternalistic politicians.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


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