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Robert E. Wright

Government Greed

“Perhaps the biggest fail of them all is that many Americans whose real incomes are declining but whose nominal incomes have increased will be forced on 15 April to pay higher real taxes. Come to think of it, government isn’t greedy. It’s rapacious.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Peter C. Earle

Are Gold Rubles Gold or Rubles?

“The loss of citizens’ purchasing power over decades was scarcely enough to drive states to introduce monetary reforms. It is not surprising that a newly-cast pariah state is embracing gold in a desperate bid to recapture some semblance of normalcy.” ~ Peter C. Earle


James L. Caton

How Will Russia Respond to Financial Sanctions?

“The sanctions are intended to increase the cost of war for the Russian government. Russia currently finds itself outside of the global financial system. Over time, however, the burden of financial sanctions will weaken.” ~ James L. Caton


Michael Munger

Adam Smith Mends a Broken Heart

“In modern medicine, the enormous size of the cooperation horizon fosters specialization by professionals such as Dr. F and Nurse A. that would be unimaginable in a world without division of labor.” ~ Michael Munger


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