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Jeffrey Tucker

COVID-19 Prompts the Question: Why Value Human Life?

Have you noticed how philosophical COVID-19 is making us? The possible presence of imminent death of so many – true or not – is causing a reassessment of fundamental issues.


Richard Salsman

Judy Shelton: Golden Nominee for a Tarnished Fed

Dr. Judy Shelton is polite, soft-spoken, and diminutive – yet she seems capable of scaring the bejesus out of full-grown adults and “leaders” in American politics, academia, and media. Why? For decades she’s been a global expert on money, monetary policy, and crises. She’s been a prolific author and speaker, a scholar at the Hoover […]


Alexander W. Salter

Judy Shelton Is Right: The Fed Is Lawless

Judy Shelton, President Trump’s nominee to the Federal Reserve board, got little love in her pre–Valentine’s Day confirmation hearing. (Shelton was previously the director of the Sound Money Project, prior to its moving to AIER.) Regardless of what criticisms may be levelled against Shelton, she is absolutely right about one thing: the Fed is operating […]


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