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Paul Schwennesen

The Myth of Rural “Assistance”

“Just as in the New Deal electrification boondoggle, it is a much better value, from a bureaucratic perspective, to waste taxpayer money than to allow organic, free-market solutions to beat them to the punch.” ~ Paul Schwennesen


Michael Munger

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Directionalists vs. Destinationists

“Being proud of the purity of your positions by defining Friedman, Stigler (and Munger, let’s face it) as ‘reds’ is a recipe for well-deserved irrelevance in a system governed by numerical majorities.” ~ Michael C. Munger


Nicolas Cachanosky

More Interest Rate Hikes Ahead

“Fed officials will likely continue tightening, and to a greater extent than previously projected. Their overreaction will not undo the damage of acting too late. It will make matters worse.” ~ Nicolás Cachanosky


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