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David Waugh

Return to Normal Driven by Politics, Not “The Science”

“While a return to normal is welcome, if the driving force behind it is political polling and stakes for reelection, we should all pause and reflect on whether these people should be making such monumental decisions about our lives.” ~ David Waugh


Clifford Thies

Newsweek Discovers Black Conservatives

“Conservatives honor their heritage, but when they look in the mirror they see a person, not a black person or a white person. But how does this work when you’re the only black person in a group?” ~ Clifford F. Thies


Robert Stewart

Critique of “What Economics Can Tell Us About Mandating Vaccines”

“The CDC and our public health agencies have now spent the better part of two years orchestrating a campaign of fear and paranoia that ignores the known properties of this disease.” ~ Robert Stewart


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