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Robert E. Wright

How Did the Life Insurance Industry Survive the Pandemic?

“It is of course a good thing that life insurers did not exacerbate the financial stresses brought on by the pandemic or its mitigation policies, which did indeed turn out to be the worst since the New Deal as I suggested in April 2020. ‘Tis a shame that nobody followed my suggestion, made that same month, to use life insurance data to provide an independent assessment of the pandemic’s progress.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Phillip W. Magness

Why I am Not a Neoliberal

“The world of emergency policy-making under the direct guidance of epidemiology modeling is illustrative not only in its scientific failures, but its habit of placing deliberative democratic institutions and even cherished constitutional rights in a subservient position to what they herald as ‘the science.’ The final twist, however, is that the neoliberalism critics on the illiberal left appear ready to sacrifice the very same norms and constitutional constraints as the self-described neoliberal technocrats, and for the same reasons.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


Clifford Thies

The Iceman Cometh Not

“During the winter of 1918-1919, not much ice was harvested and stored away. New York City faced an ice famine. The city faced the prospects of riots and the starvation of children, said some. The legislature repealed the act establishing an Ice Comptroller, and the market found an equilibrium given the shortage of natural ice. The next year, things were back to normal.” ~ Clifford F. Thies


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