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Adam Smith

Warren’s Legacy Lives on at the Ridiculous “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau”

While Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy is over, her legacy and, more importantly, her politicized vision of rulemaking lives on in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It’s easy to forget but in late November 2018, two government administrators showed up for the same job: to run the most powerful federal agency created in a generation, the Consumer […]


Michael Munger

A Case for Corruption

Suppose you live in a country with nationalized communications companies, indifferent and intermittent service, and extremely slow maintenance and repair responses. But you have an idea that is likely to produce tens of millions of sales, and quickly.


Jeffrey Tucker

Career Strategies Haven’t Changed as Much as You Think

Virus fears are causing many companies to encourage their employees to work at home instead of coming into the office. It’s possible now, and that’s wonderful. Twenty years ago, it would have been far more difficult. Forty years ago, most jobs today could not be accomplished at home. Thank you technology and thank you capitalistic […]


Scott Burns

The Fed Cannot Combat Coronavirus

At a campaign speech on February 29, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) introduced her economic plan for combating COVID-19, more commonly known as the coronavirus.  The Warren plan has two elements. First, it calls for “a major targeted fiscal stimulus” to counteract the negative economic effects of the coronavirus. In particular, she calls for the federal […]


James L. Caton

Federal Reserve Codependence with Government Debt

For those familiar with the structure of quantitative easing, Bernanke’s claim to noble behavior by the Federal Reserve in its program of quantitative easing causes no small amount of cognitive dissonance.


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