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Robert Hughes

Initial Claims Remain Range Bound

“Initial claims fell in the latest week, but overall remain range bound, suggesting the labor market remains soft.” – Robert Hughes


Paul Alexander

The CDC’s Mask Mandate Study: Debunked

“Trusting the science means relying on the scientific process and method and not merely ‘following the leader.’ It is not the same as trusting, without verification, the conclusory statements of human beings simply because they have scientific training or credentials. This is especially so if their views and inquiry have become politicized.” ~ AIER Contributing Authors


Robert E. Wright

The Covid Crucible

“Constant repetition of the bizarre and obviously untrue mantra that policymakers are ‘following the science’ and not basing Covid policy on the 21st-century equivalent of spectral evidence suggests that Miller was on to something fundamental. So watch or read The Crucible until the crucible of Covid repression spurs a new literary treatment of the dangers unleashed by that strange brew of populism, private interest, and government power.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Jenin Younes

Your Right to Refuse a Health Passport

“Governor Cuomo has had too much control for too long; he has obviously enjoyed wielding it since Day 1. As I have said again and again, until we make clear that we will not abide by these infringements on our civil rights, our liberty, and our dignity, they will not stop. Unfortunately, New Yorkers have proven themselves all too willing to comply.” ~ Jenin Younes


Amelia Janaskie

The Right to Work and Occupational Licensing

“There is nothing more Un-American and Anti-Capitalist than a system that ordains some with the right to earn a living and bars others from that same essential right. Rather than cultivating an environment where everyone can safely contribute, occupational licenses have made the economy a pay-to-play scheme that only serves well-connected interests.” ~ Amelia Janaskie, Ethan Yang & Jack Nicastro


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