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Jon Sanders

How Threat-Free Are Americans from Covid-19? Late February 2022 Update

“Due respect for the virus doesn’t require treating your family, friends, and neighbors as the dire threats that media, public health officials, and the fearful are making them seem to be, either now or in the future.” ~ Jon Sanders


Natalie Taylor

Discovering Masculinity in a Woke World

“The White Lotus, a new HBO series, throws bright sunlight on the dark mores of America’s elite. In the show, a debased, solitary, fake masculinity is transformed into one rooted in friendship forged by shared undertaking.” ~ Natalie Taylor


Robert Hughes

February Unit Auto Sales Slowed as Assemblies, Inventories, and Prices Stabilize in January

“Light-vehicle sales slowed in February as component shortages continue to restrain production. Assemblies, inventory, and prices continued to show signs of stabilization through January, albeit at extreme levels.” ~ Robert Hughes


Robert E. Wright

Life, Death, and Insurance

“Perhaps the fact that life insurance actuaries are highly qualified independent analysts of mortality and regulated primarily at the state, not the national, level has made America’s PHOs reticent to encourage actuarial analysis.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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