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Jeffrey Tucker

Lockdowns Could Reshape American Politics for a Generation, or Several

“Anti-lockdownism need not be partisan. The victims of these policies are all over the political map. They are united only in their general belief in human rights, constitutional restraints on government, and the need to keep society functioning in the midst of a health crisis. This opinion is not and should not be controversial. There is never a good excuse to turn on basic Enlightenment values in favor of feudal forms of political organization and coerced social management. Never.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Peter C. Earle

Rename the Cuomo Bridge for Covid Victims

“I empathize with those desiring that the name of the 3.1 mile bridge should revert to Tappan Zee; other recommendations would undoubtedly include renaming the structure for a deceased serviceman or woman, the 9/11 attack victims, or a different New York State Governor. (DeWitt Clinton, who facilitated the building of the Erie Canal, often comes up.) But I disagree with all of those.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Thomas L. Hogan

Texas Electricity Prices Are Lower Due to Deregulation

“Contrary to McGinty and Patterson, a close look at the evidence reveals that deregulation and competition have, in fact, reduced electricity prices in Texas. Prices in competitive markets have fallen, while those of noncompetitive utilities have increased. Competition has brought both residential and commercial prices down below the national averages.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


James Bovard

The Wreckers of New York and their Bitter Rivalry

“Unfortunately, New Yorkers apparently retain faith in central planning of their lives despite the dismal failures at both the mayoral and gubernatorial level. The political profits of demagoguery will perennially trump the calculus of benevolence. The only ‘savior’ worth trusting is the revival of individual freedom and a vast decrease in regulatory restrictions and tax exactions.” ~ James Bovard


Richard M. Ebeling

Post-Covid Policy Advice from Ludwig von Mises for Developing Countries

“Mises’ warnings about misguided government policies remain just as relevant if not more so today, as we see in our own time a new push for increased interventionism, expanded welfare statism, and renewed calls for socialist-style centralized planning. As Mises said, if we want, peace, freedom and prosperity, there is no alternative to the free market economy respectful of competitive entrepreneurship and consumer choice.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Art Carden

That The Profit Of One Man Is The Gain Of Another

“It is not exploitation; rather, profit is a reward you earn for helping strangers in ways that waste no resources and leave them available for other strangers. Are firms earning ‘exorbitant’ profit selling natural gas and Covid vaccines? I doubt it. If anything, people scrambling to get their hands on artificially-short supplies indicates that they aren’t making enough.” ~ Art Carden


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