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Peter C. Earle

Business Conditions Monthly February 2023

“In January 2023, the AIER Leading Indicators rose to a just-above-neutral 58, with the Coincident and Lagging Indicators falling to a neutral 50. This is the most neutral the Business Conditions Monthly have been since the Spring of 2020.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Vance Ginn

Responsible Budgeting Corrects Bipartisan Overspending Crisis

“The negotiations around raising the debt ceiling should be that opportunity to provide fiscal sanity. If not, we will have more costly consequences that Americans can’t afford.” ~ Vance Ginn


Jon Sanders

Hospitalized With, or Hospitalized For?

“It has been three years. Isn’t it about time we got more accurate data on COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths?” ~ Jon Sanders


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