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Robert Hughes

Manufacturing-Sector Survey Showed Strong Results in February

“Manufacturing-sector demand remained strong in February. Production increased despite ongoing labor and logistical issues but constraints on faster production growth continue. Recent events in Ukraine may be yet another source of disruption and further delay the return to normalcy.” ~ Robert Hughes


William J. Luther

Inflation Rips Ahead of March FOMC Meeting

“The Fed should acknowledge that the inflation problem is much worse than it thought when it sets its course of action and adjust course accordingly. More likely, it will stay the course—and inflation will continue to outpace its projections.” ~ William J. Luther


John Tamny

The Real Problem with PPP Loans

“If you love jobs you can’t hate the individuals whose ideas and capital commitments make work possible. If the PPP money had to go somewhere, it was best that it went to those who paid the taxes in the first place.” ~ John Tamny


James Harrigan

Duck, Cover, and Mask Up.

“If you happen to be among the lucky few not vaporized in a nuclear strike launched by unknown perpetrators, you should immediately reestablish your fear of Covid-19, the virus of unknown origin. In the words of David Byrne, ‘Same as it ever was.'” ~ James R. Harrigan


Art Carden

Leave Me Alone and I’ll Make You Rich, Eh? Four Canadian Innovators and Their Achievements

“These are hardly the stories of hardened enemies of society. Their ‘crimes’ are like those of the American Robber Barons: They found new ways to give people goods and services they wanted at prices they were willing to pay.” ~ Art Carden


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