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Michael Munger

Why Austrian Economists Are Not Employed as Policy Advisers

“The problem is not so much our reliance on economics as our reliance on politics. Politics insists that we must pretend to believe in the fiction of central direction of markets as effective policy.” ~ Michael C. Munger


Guy Burnett

Sowing the Seeds of 1776

“In April 1768, an opinion writer known only as ‘A Farmer in Pennsylvania’ finished the last letter in a series decrying the Townshend Acts and making the case for colonial Americans’ natural rights.” ~ Guy F. Burnett


Robert Gordon

Modern Economics and What the Buddha Taught

“At its root, economic self-interest means taking responsibility for one’s own survival and material well-being; it means taking care of oneself so as not to burden society, which lays the foundation for a happiness based on achievement and self-worth.” ~ Robert Edward Gordon


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