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Barry Brownstein

Business Leaders Build Trust, Politicians Compel Compliance

“While pursuing their interests, business leaders have an incentive to serve the welfare of others. Business leaders challenge their assumptions. Politicians act on unexamined assumptions and compel others to obey.” ~ Barry Brownstein


James Harrigan

The State of the Union is…

“It would be far better that we insist on following Thomas Jefferson’s lead. While his predecessors, Washington and Adams, delivered their State of the Union addresses in person every year, Jefferson just sent letters to Congress.” ~ James R. Harrigan


Gary Galles

Misjudging Nudging

“The problem is not that we are allowed to make too many of our own choices. The problem is government, and the real solution is the opposite of what nudgers propose: expanding liberty.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Mark Pulliam

Unmasking the Nanny State

“The only factor that could derail this lawsuit would be the CDC’s rescission of the order, which would be a victory in itself. Pass the popcorn. The nanny state is on the run.” ~ Mark Pulliam


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