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Jeffrey Tucker

Labor Markets Work When They Are Free

Yes, I’m suggesting a series of dramatic changes to the way employment works. No more payroll tax. No more withholding. No more health-care mandates. No more mandates of any kind. And no more policing of either hiring or firing by the state. In other words, free the market. Economic exchange is about equal power between negotiators, which only means that the same rules should apply to everyone. The more we mess with the freedom of contract, the more we privilege one party over another, with sometimes unpredictable results.


Paz Gómez

The End Is Nigh: USPS Monopoly No Longer Viable

The US Postal Service is on a collision course with the reality of 21st-century communications: it has $15 billion in debt and over $100 billion in unfunded employment benefits—and it will all fall on taxpayers if no measures are taken.


William J. Luther

Liquidity Crises and the Blockchain

The blockchain represents a source of money creation that, during a crisis, might limit the extent to which asset prices fall.


Nick Zaiac

A Bright Spot on the Horizon for Massachusetts Housing Affordability

Simple majority voting would make it easier to allow concessions to bring desirable housing and businesses to towns. Anti-development homeowners, bothersome local NIMBYs, and incumbent local businesses hold less sway when they need to convince more than half a town council to say “no” to new housing or businesses.


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