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Ivan Jankovic

The Overheating Canard

Over the last couple of weeks, a breathless chorus of Keynes adherents in the media have been sounding the alarm from the rooftops about economic “overheating.” 


Jeffrey Tucker

Bitcoin Is Not a Product

It is absolutely essential to understand the distributed model even to have a first-level conception of what cryptocurrency really is. It is not a proprietary product. It is not a company. It is not even a brand. It is a technology. It is a technology that, by design and structure, doesn’t have an owner – or, more accurately, it is owned by anyone and everyone. It is a distributed ledger. The purpose of it is to carefully delineate ownership claims and provide a chronological and immunity audit trail of changes in ownership rights. Bitcoin is a token that provides evidence of authority and access to make changes in the ledger, and thereby absorbs and reflects the value of the services provided by the ledger itself.


Robert Hughes

The Chicago Fed National Activity Index Suggests Above-Trend Growth

The Chicago Fed’s National Activity Index pulled back in January, coming in at 0.12, down from 0.14 in December. Despite the weaker performance in January, the index remains above zero, suggesting economic growth remains above its long-term trend.


Max Gulker

If Governments Regulate ICOs, They Should Do It Like the Swiss

Many people disagree with government regulation of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs), but one could do a lot worse than Switzerland’s financial regulator, Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).


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