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Paz Gómez

Striking Teachers Don’t Do It for the Children

Prioritizing teacher whims over student needs is damaging education and impeding innovation in Nova Scotia, Canada.


William J. Luther

Point-Counterpoint on Regulating Bitcoin

Do we need more government oversight for bitcoin? In a recent point-counterpoint debate, AEI’s Paul Kupiec and AIER’s William Luther square off.


Jeffrey Tucker

Centrally Planned Security Doesn’t Work Either

If not armed teachers, if not gun-free zones, if not gun bans, if not granting to the government an exclusive domain for security and the threat of violence, what is the answer? The least satisfying answer is actually the right one: we do not know precisely how to secure schools. We – “we” as in intellectuals, pundits, or society in general – do not know how to secure banks, jewelry stores, shopping malls, or casinos. How can we find out? By devolving that responsibility to institutions themselves, you allow the emergence of security solutions that are adaptive to the particular conditions of time and place.


José Niño

For the Separation of Labor and State

Concerns with right-to-work remain, given that it inserts the state in an area where it should not be in the first place. Ideally, there would exist a separation of labor and state, where the government gets out of the way and lets workers contract with employers on voluntary terms.


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