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Robert Hughes

Housing Surge Continues as New Single-Family Home Sales Rise Again in January

“The single-family housing market remains a bright spot for the economy, supported by low interest rates and strong demand, but headwinds may be forming.” – Robert Hughes


Jane Shaw Stroup

The Texas Freeze: A Reality Check

“Can the Texas experience lead this nation to a better recognition of reality? Can it help politicians and administrators give priority to the concrete problems of today rather than the vague and speculative problems of the future?” ~ Jane Shaw Stroup


James Bovard

Cuomo and the Failure of Covid Absolutism

“In a tour of television talk shows shortly after President Biden was inaugurated, Cuomo recited his latest catchphrase: ‘Incompetent government kills people.’ This intended slapdown of Trump is recoiling badly on the New York governor. If Cuomo is impeached or forced to resign for his Covid fiascos, maybe he could score plenty of media appearances with a new slogan: ‘Absolute power with impunity kills.'” ~ James Bovard


Barry Brownstein

How and Why Government Creates Disease Panic

“During this pandemic, governments exacerbated rather than eased an out-of-proportion, fear-driven reaction to the pandemic. Actively fueling hysteria has exacted terrible economic, social, mental health, and educational consequences without providing demonstrable relief from the effects of Covid-19. How this can be prevented next time is a question few consider.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Joakim Book

When Financial Markets Bubble, There’s Something for Everyone

“Whenever something seems bubbly, accusations of tulips and South Sea bubbles are never far away – even though the proportion of people who could actually explain those iconic episodes of our financial past is frighteningly close to zero. Levenson’s account of the South Sea Bubble will not, I daresay, be the last time historians find reason to look at this grand event of our financial past.” ~ Joakim Book


Robert E. Wright

This Is the Way

“If politicians cannot follow a code on their own, they are more unpredictably dangerous than any drug robber or Mandalorian following a strict code with consequences. The American people need to find a way to impose a binding code on politicians because ‘this is the way’ to a more prosperous future for all.” ~ Robert E. Wright


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